Worm Reduction Gear Boxes


Adaptable Worm reduction gear Boxes up to 3.3/81" (85.7mm) CD. In single and double reduction models.


5: 1 to 70: 1 in standard step (single reduction) and Upto 4900: 1 in standard. step (Double reduction).


Under Driven / Over Driven / Vertical lnput or Output Shaft Version / Shaft Mounted Verion / All types . with motor mounting adaptor and motor can be given

Worm Reduction Gear Boxes up to 17" CD (431.8mm) ln Single and Double Reduction Models.


5: 1 to 70�1 1n standard steps (single reduction) and Upto 4900:1 in standard steps (Double reduction)

Type :

Under Driven / Vertical Output Shaft Version / Shaft Mounted Version / "NU" Series gear Boxes up to 9" (228.6mm) CD with integral feet / Heavy Duty Stirrer Gear Boxes

Fig. Worm Reduction Gears

Specification :


Elecon single reduction heavy-duty gear units are the result of many years of experiance. Completely Re-designed gear case with liberal ribbing increases heat dissipating area, streamlined sump carrying more oil and larger capacity of fan enhance the thermal rating of the gearbox.

Design Standards

Wherever applicable, British as well as Indian standards are used. Worm conforms to case -hardening alloy steel, worm wheel conforms to phosphor-bronze PB-2C as per BS 1400, while gear case conforms to C.I. grade 25, IS 210.

Gear Case

Gear case is of streamlined design, rugged in construction, made of close-grain cast iron.

Worm/Worm Wheel

The worm is made of case-hardening alloy steel, carburised, ground and polished and is integral with the staff.